Private Class : Yoga at your door step
private yoga classes in lakshman jhula rishikesh india
Benefits of Private classes
  • Teacher will identify your need and practice sessions are specially designed for you.
  • You will learn at your own place
  • There will be enough time to correct your posture and work on body alignment
  • Schedule classes as per your convenience
  • Helps you to concentrate well rather than getting distracted by other practitioners

 Best Suited For
  • A Student who has specific problems such as back pain, neck pain, diabetes etc to be addressed.
  • There will not be enough time to focus on individual problem in a group
  • Beginner's who are hesitant to join yoga group classes

Group Class:

Do you want to change for the better, physical, mental and emotional health?
The fast pace of modern living keeps us in flight or fight mode all the time in life challenges, financial pressures, relationship issues and unresolved emotional concerns resulting in depression and depletion of our inner vitality.
group yoga classes in  lakshman jhula rishikesh india
Constant exposure to the hazards of modern life, food and environmental toxins, loud noise, electromagnetic radiation etc can predispose us towards chronic, degenerative non- specific diseases. If left unattended, these can develop into serious ailments and could permanently damage health and wellness.

All this results in lack of concentration, lack of immunity, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, gastro-intestinal disorders and overall loss of productivity.We offer an opportunity to re-experience the joy of a healthy life with inner peace through our Yogic counseling, pranaym, yoga asanas, different types of meditation, diet and mind management etc.