About Teacher

Yogi Manu Rana’s learning of yoga started 4 years ago.Born and brought up in Rishikesh,he completed his studies and started his career in corporate world. One common thing he noticed between the people of Rishikesh and people of corporate world that nowhere people are happy and satisfied irrespective of their education, social and economical status. This
yoga instructor and yogacharya
thing always encouraged him to think that what is true happiness, what is life’s aim, what is more important being successful or being satisfied and how.

One day he met with an accident and got lumber spinal injury . He was completely on bed rest he had to leave his job and come back to Rishikesh .He decided to attach himself with the Sivananda Ashram and gradually started practicing yoga today he is totally recovered from that injury, this became a turning point in his life. He did his certification course from Sivananda's Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy (YVFA), of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh and studied about Yoga,Philosophy,Meditation,Pranayama and then did certificate course in Yogic Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.

Today yogi Manu Rana is working as a professional yoga instructor and he keeps running free yoga classes time to time it gives him immense pleasure to receive an overwhelming response from various participants.Today he owns ' Rishikesh Yog Sadhana ' and runs daily drop-in Hatha Yoga and Sivananda Yoga classes in Rishikesh india.He Further sometime down the line he planned to do something for the society (e.g. providing free yoga education to the children and people who have various types of diseases but they do not have money for treatment if could be possible will start a NGO). 

Area of Expertise

Yoga: Sivananda Yoga, Hatha Yoga , Yoga Posture Alignment

Pranayam: Nadi Shodhana, Surya and Chandra bhedi, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Sheetkaari, Sheetali, Bhramari,Ujjayi

Meditation & Relaxation and Yog Nidra

Mudra and Bandhas: Jalandhara, Moola, Uddiyana, Maha Banhda and various mudras.

Style Taught: Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga

Favourite Quote: Yoga practice is not about learning and mastering more postures, but it is all about flowing and connecting with the breath in each movement and allowing the practice to open your heart and create love for yourself and others.